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Meet the staff


Camp Extreme is an Ofsted registered, holiday childcare camp open to all St Aidan's pupils aged 4 - 11 years. We operate during every holiday throughout the year, including most public school holidays. The children participate in a variety of activities based around a weekly theme but we include time each day for children to play and choose what they want to do. 

Camp Extreme is a safe and fun childcare provision that you can trust. We love making your children feel welcome, whether it's just for a day or weeks at a time; their enjoyment and well-being is our priority. 

The Camp Extreme team endeavour to work and live by our core values:

We put the effort in

We adopt a ‘can do attitude’ and don’t shy away from challenges. We take pride in every part of our roles, however small. We use our own initiative and show our commitment, continuously improving  ourselves. We believe in our own ability, inner strength and resilience.

We build trust

We are open and honest, if we need help we will ask. We lean on each other and use the team around us for support. We value each other’s contribution and notice the positive things that others do.

We have fun

We smile! We engage with all children and adults, showing an interest. We are positive and find enjoyment in what we do.

We are kind

We are patient and put ourselves in other’s shoes. We pay attention to others and reach out if they need help. We follow our mission statement and together we let Jesus' love shine through in everything we do.

We stay safe

We follow the timings and structure of the club. We are consistent. We build community and respect the rights of every child and every adult.

Our activities include:

Sports such as- Cricket, Tennis, Tag Rugby, Football, Obstacle courses, Badminton, Volley ball, Rounders, Football, Handball, Basketball, Yoga

Ping Pong tournament.

Ninja Kids- Children will be taught self defence and how to control their frustrations. Ninja kids is a whole body exercise session that looks at how to avoid being hurt in physical confrontations and is embedded with self-control and discipline. Mixed with fun and games this has become a firm favourite by many of our children.

Art- Children will  be given opportunities to learn different drawing and painting techniques by a specialist art teacher. They will also be making and creating a range of different things based on designs and workshop that run through out the camp.

Science- Science experiments will take place weekly and their will be a special science day where children will get to experience several different experiments.

Music- We will be providing a specialist music teacher who will be mainly teaching vocals and guitar along with some other instruments every week.

Story writing- Children will get the opportunity to create their own stories and create a book that we will publish at the end of the camp.

Drama- There will be drama sessions taking place where children will get a feel of what it is like to be an actor or actress on a live stage.


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