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English Curriculum

Foundation Stage

At St Aidan's we are committed to ensure that each child reaches their potential in English. In our Nursery our dedicated staff enable all children to access the curriculum and develop communication skills as part of the Prime Areas of Learning in the Early Years Curriculum. 

Through Read Write Inc Phonics, the nursery children begin their learning as early readers. Careful planning and passionate teaching enables our children to learn synthetic phonics and early key words therefore preparing them for the Reception year. All of the children also engage in fun activities such as 'funky fingers' to ensure that they are physically ready for the challenges of writing their first words.

On entering Reception the children's baseline in English is quickly established.  In RWI the children develop their knowledge of phonic sounds and begin to apply it to simple stories therefore reading independently. Comprehension skills are also developed and in guided reading children are challenged to read more complex texts.

In Foundation Stage we also foster a love of reading. We ensure that a wide range of texts are read to and shared with the children. The children take home books and our parents support the child's reading at home. Our reading of Traditional texts will become the foundation for reading and writing for the child's entire school career.


Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.

Read Write Inc carries on in Year One and Year Two. When the children leave the RML programme they begin the Literacy and Language scheme which develops comprehension skills, writing skills and an understanding of grammar terminology which is progressive throughout the school. 

We place an emphasis on reading for pleasure and giving the children an opportunity to read to an audience. We provide opportunites for peer reading, paired reading and reading with other year groups as well as the teacher reading to the class everyday.

Guided reading ensures that the children have an opportunity to read a range of fiction, non-fiction and poetry books at St Aidan's. 

We aim to give our children a wide range of experiences  in order to develop their skills of imaginative writing, poetry, recording, retelling, sequencing, predicting, letter writing, note taking, drafting and comprehension. Our learning environments develop our children as writers. We have high expectations of our children and through 'Big Writing' the children have opportunites to reflect on their pieces of writing and improve on them with the teacher and their peer group. 

The children use a cursive style of handwriting from Nursery. This is developed throughout the school.

Across the phases of the school, children are taught to spell by understanding the spelling patterns and pairs of letters that make sounds in words to enhance their spelling skills. Good spelling is important as it allows the child to write what he or she wants to say.


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