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A big thank you goes out to the outgoing SAFA committee.  They have been dedicated to the development of our school for the last two years.  Due to work and personal commitments they have decided to step down.  They have provided the school, through their tireless fundraising with much needed resources. The two largest contributions were the interactive whiteboards in the new building and the defibulator for use in medical emergencies. 

Thank you and God Bless you all for your hard work

At the SAFA AGM on Thursday 17th November a new committee was voted in.  There are still some vacanices, so please see the school office or approach the committee members if you are interested in becoming involved.  They will all need the support of the entire St Aidan's Family to ensure the success of SAFA is continued. 

The SAFA Committee members for this academic year 2016-2017 are as follows:

Chairperson - Jeevan Mann
Vice Chairperson - Happy Choker
Secretary - vacancy
Treasurer - Pritti Verdee
Vice Treasurer - vacancy

Publicity Officer x2 - Sharon Maqsud and Jagmohan Sahota
Events Planner - Sabreena Mughal

Staff  members - Mrs Bentham, Mrs Mackie and Mrs Parish


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